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Act of god

‚ÄčI want it total and complete, 

I want it like a disaster movie, 

like when the world buckles and the high-tension cables snap,  

like the eye of a storm when the air is full of detritus and bodies, 

like when the shell hits and our plucky hero loses one or more senses so overcome is he by the moment, 

when it all goes black or becomes a high-pitch whine, 

I want the grubby skin streaked by sweat, 

the torn clothes, 

the desperation and the barely holding on, 

I want the burnt-out buildings and the smouldering ground, 

I want you, the misunderstood monster that tears a city down, 

I want to be the ship you sank and the forest you felled, 

I want to be your bodycount.